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Brings softness with support, and solution for crease


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■ With the concentration and transfer of wet-blue production capacity, more and more tanneries have begun to purchase wet-blue externally. The problems are the water loss of fiber and semi-permanent deformation due to gravity, high temperature, and long-term stacking during the wet-blue transportation and storage, especially crease caused by uneven placement and stacking, which reduces utilization of finished leather.

■ Effective solution based on DESOBATE TN can help the fibers loosen fully, promote full replenishment of loose bound water, restore lubrication and flexion of fibers, and solve or improve crease problem. At the same time, strict control of enzyme composition and vitality can remove useless interfibrillar substance and protect collagen fibers as much as possible. Therefore, it will not cause paralysis and looseness while obtaining a smooth, soft and plump abortive crust.

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